Stuck On The Puzzle

Es gracioso como lo que pensamos superado, nos sigue afectando...
Mi nombre es Christian, soy del 97, Santiasco, Chile, bla bla bla, lo mismo de siempre, si te intereso, manda una pregunta, siempre es bueno conocer gente nueva.

Alluka & Killua Before - Now

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"You think I’m supposed to be this great cat, but I’m only a great rat. There’s only two people in the whole world who ever really cared about me… We messed up a lot and we used to fight with each other a lot, too… but, no matter how hard things got we always had each other. I thought I was happy here without them, but now I know having them was my real happiness! Never forget the things that really make you happy.” ~ Meowth || EP096

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overhearing people talking about something u like


hearing that they talkin shit


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Me encantaría ser esa perfección que tanto anhelas..

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a metaphor of my life

best moment on television. ever.

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